About us

MPF Brush Company started back in 1999 as a family business creating hand made quality brushes, palettes and tools for the dental market. 

Today, MPF Brush Co has proudly become a synonymous with refined products, with attention to detail and handmade quality that lasts. After becoming one of the leaders in dental brushes, we knew it was time to begin our new project.

Since the beginning of the company, we always knew that we wanted to create a unique and professional brush series for the nail artists, but we never had enough time for such a huge project.

During the pandemic, we found the opportunity to begin the research and development and that is where the idea started to become reality.

We worked closely with some very talented nail artists where we took into consideration all their feedback in order to create the PERFECT brush. This project took more than 2 years and countless time in the lab testing and analyzing the design of the brush.

All these years the Nail industry was not focusing enough on the brushes, and there was A LOT of room for improvement as there were many features missing.

We are extremely proud of the outcome, and the journey that we followed from the dream to the idea, and from the idea to the final product.

Our brushes are already creating a growing fan base, and the feedback we are receiving is exceptional.

The majority of the nail technicians that have tested our brushes have stated that is will be a game changer for the industry. 

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